For the Quinceañera, her court, and guests, the evening dances are often the highlight of the event.  We will design your choreography around the music you choose, or help you make your selection based off our knowledge and expertise.

At REYES Events & Choreography, our productions are unique, creative, and carefully customized for your special event. We deliver professionally choreographed routines that are distinctive and entertaining for you and your guests.


Our steps are fun and easy to learn, with options for intermediate and advanced skill levels as well.


Are you ready to make your fairy tale dance come true?  Whether it be a traditional Waltz or a modern style Salsa/Hip Hop/Folklorico/Bachata, we can make it happen.


We offer a variety of add-on services truly meant to enhance the entire experience. After all, that is really what we are creating – an experience of a lifetime.  

*All packages include music editing, and choreographer attendance the night of the event ($150.00 value).*

Diamond Package

  • 10 Practices / 2 Hours Each

  • Entrance

  • Waltz

  • Surprise Dance (Mix up to 5 songs)

  • Father-Daughter Dance

  • Godparent Dance

  • Choreographer attendance on the night of the event


Plus Travel

Ruby Package

  • 8 Practices / 2 Hours Each

  • Waltz

  • Surprise Dance (Mix up to 4 songs)

  • Choreographer attendance on the night of the event


Plus Travel

Emerald Package

  • 5 Practices / 2 Hours Each

  • Waltz or Surprise Dance (Mix up to 3 songs)

  • Choreographer attendance on the night of the event


Plus Travel



Whatever your vision, we will be there to help you bring it to life.  Every young woman deserves to feel swept of her feet, and our Chambelanes are there to make sure that is exactly how the Quinceanera and her Royal Court feel, all night long!

We have a young, captivating team of Chambelanes with professional aspirations when it comes to dance, and fine arts.  They are kind, intelligent, charismatic and will ensure that your guests are treated with respect.  After multiple practices with these gentlemen the Quinceanera and her Court will already have a familiarity that almost guarantees a great evening.

The Chambelanes will help to ensure that no guest feels left out, and that everyone is having a wonderful time. This truly will be an event to remember!  

Choose your dream package!

Dream Chambelanes Packages

This package is designed for the Princess and her Court. Plenty of girls dream of a man that can sweep them off their feet and our professionally trained Chambelanes will have any girl floating in no time.


These young men are carefully vetted, trained and supervised to ensure that the Quinceanera and her Court are treated like the royalty they are.


The Dream Package includes five (5) of these gentlemen for the entire day, and night of the event.

The Quinceanera and her Damas will start by practicing for the evenings' choreographed dances with our team of available Chambelanes, the ladies will choose who makes their final cut, and those gentlemen will continue to the event.


The day of the event, the Chambelanes will meet the ladies at the church, and sit where they have been designated during the service. After the service they will be available for professional photographs, and other events throughout the day.


During the evening’s events the Chambelanes will participate in all choreographed dances, a special surprise dance for the Quinceanera and her Court, and they will help liven up the dance floor all night long. Not only will our Royalty be thrilled for the evening, so will all your guests!

  • Five (5) Professionally Trained Chambelanes available for five (5) rehearsals and choreographed dances (day of event). 

  • Attendance for church service and photography session (day of event).

  • Chambelanes to perform a surprise dance for the Quinceanera and her court.

  • Chambelanes to help liven up the dance floor all night long. This is sure to give the Quinceanera, her Court and the guests a night to remember!

  • Tuxedos included.


Plus Travel

***Each additional Chambelane for dream package - $600.00***

Silver Chambelanes Package

Five (5) Professionally Trained Chambelanes available for five (5) rehearsals and choreographed dances (day of event).  Tuxedos included.


Plus Travel

***Each additional Chambelane for silver package - $300.00***



At REYES Events & Choreography our job is to make your dream Quinceanera into reality, and to ensure that on the day of your event, you and your guests can relax, enjoy, and leave all the details in the hands of the professionals. 

That’s why we have designed our most popular packages around the day of the Quinceanera, and the final month leading up to it. We also offer a variety of add-on services to meet your specific needs.

Let us give you peace of mind, knowing that all you need to do is show up, look phenomenal, and enjoy the incredible memories you’re making. We can even customize a package just for you!

We understand how important the Quinceanera is to a young woman and her family, and we truly aim to bring your dreams to life.  

Final Countdown Package

We are here with you from the time that you book us right up until the event is over. We will offer unlimited support via e-mail and telephone; however, you plan the event. You book the location and set up a time for us to do a walk through with you. You also book the vendors, support staff and rentals. Much of our assistance comes in during the final five weeks leading up to the event, and the day of the Quinceanera.   

For the last month we are your busy worker bees making sure that everything you have put into place happens exactly how you envision it, so you can rest and relax. We coordinate with the location of the event, your vendors, support staff and rentals. We ensure that the location is set up and decorated to your specifications. We create a master timeline for the day of the Quinceanera and ensure that all vendors operate as flawlessly as possible.  

Services Leading Up To Event

  • Event Planner – Dedicated to your event, your event planner will be with you right up to the end of the Quinceanera.

  • Early Planning Meeting – 2-hour meeting with Event Planner and one Assistant Coordinator, starting with a walk through of the event location.

  • Unlimited support via e-mail and telephone.

  • Creation and implementation of a master timeline for the day of the event.

  • Final coordination of location, vendors, support staff and rentals.

  • Final Meeting with Event Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator – Approximately 2-hours

Services Day Of Event

  • Event Coordinator, on site for approximately 12 hours.

  • Assistant Coordinator, on site for approximately 12 hours.

  • Day of coordination of location, all vendors, support staff, and rentals.

  • Coordination of all scheduled events.

  • Fully stocked emergency kit.

  • Supervision of tear-down and coordination of rental returns.


Plus Travel

Support System Package

You have locked down your venue, your caterer, maybe even your photographer, but now you really feel like you need support keeping track and tying it all together. After all, planning a once in a lifetime event is a lot of work!

That is where we come in. Your dedicated Event Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator will be there with you every step of the way. We will dream your dream with you and do our best to make it all happen as flawlessly as possible.

We start with a 2-hour planning session, beginning with a tour of your location.

Then we go over your existing contracts and create a game plan for the remaining tasks. We act as a liaison from there on out, advocating for you with vendors, helping to secure discounts and reporting back to you.


The decisions are ultimately yours; we just help provide you with great choices.  We will meet with you at least 2 more times before the event, and send you detailed updates via e-mail.  We will help you design a décor package around your vision and then help to secure and rentals or purchases.  We will help arrange your seating plan and schedule for the day, then coordinate with your vendors.

This package includes everything in our Final Countdown Package ($1,695.00 Value), plus:

  • 2 Additional Planning Sessions

  • Event Coordinators will act as a liaison between Client, Location, Vendors, Support Staff and Rental Companies.

  • Event Coordinators will research vendors, negotiate discounts, supply the client with quotes and initiate contracts. (We are not lawyers and cannot offer legal advice regarding contracts, it is up to the discretion of the client if they are comfortable entering into proposed contracts.)

  • Vendor, Support Staff and Rental Equipment Coordination.

  • Event Coordinators will assist with décor planning and purchases.

  • Assistance with seating plan. 


Plus Travel

Dreams Come True Package

This is your special day and you want someone there walking you through every detail.  That person who will help scout your perfect location, curate the perfect menu, and help choose the perfect flowers.  Start your Quinceanera off right knowing that even the littlest detail is being seen to.

With this package we are your go-to for everything (except legal advice, we aren’t lawyers). We are your planners, your sounding board, your counselor, your confidant, your bookkeeper.  We will help to create a budget for your event, and then we will go to the mats for you to get you everything you want at the best prices available.

We will take the pesky out of planning, by managing your to-do list, sending you e-mail updates, and gentle reminders and encouragement along the way.

This package includes everything in our Final Countdown Package and our Support System Package ($3,695.00 Value), plus:

  • Unlimited Planning Sessions

  • Budget Planning and Monitoring

  • Complete Vendor Management including Meetings & Contract Review

  • Assistance with Invitations & Thank You Cards

*Please note we only take 5 or 6 of these packages per year to ensure that our clients are getting premium service*


Plus Travel

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